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Ep. 17 Ex horror stories – a Halloween special

By Sarah Robinson on October 27, 2020

It’s Halloween so we’re sharing horror stories about the scariest and creepiest monsters of all time. YOUR. EXES. This episode throws our usual format out the window, because we’re wild bitches. You’ll hear Jade provide expert commentary on the science of zombies. Sarah offer to put candy in her vagina in order to attract a …

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Ep. 16 Breakups are hard but so are other penises

By Sarah Robinson on October 13, 2020

Sarah talks about crawling her way out of the dick sand, and goes through a bunch of wisdom harvested from Fuck off and die’s Instagram following (it’s really good!). Jade answers a listener question about what to do when coupled friends treat your broken love life as comedy fodder. Our second breakup book At around …

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Ep. 15 How to find a therapist for cheap in Australia

By Sarah Robinson on September 29, 2020

This podcast episode is about how to find a good therapist in Australia, and whether you should sleep with your ex. Listen here.

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Ep. 14 Why do breakups hurt so much?

By Sarah Robinson on September 15, 2020

Jade accuses Sarah of assault then has an asthma attack. Everybody lives. Sarah talks through an activity in F*ck off and die that uses the negativity bias to your advantage. She also talks about how much she likes her vagina. A listener asks Jade why it takes so long to get over the pain of …

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Ep. 13 It’s okay to be angry

By Sarah Robinson on September 1, 2020

Jade rejects Sarah’s flowers. Sarah talks about why calling your ex petty names on a piece of paper feels really good, and offers a heinously long list of names she uses. The pair discuss why women aren’t ‘supposed’ to be angry, and why anger is actually perfectly healthy. Jade answers a listener question about how …

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Ep. 12 35 years of Sarah and why riding solo is rad AF

By Sarah Robinson on August 18, 2020

Sarah is 35 so F*ck off and die celebrates by inviting DJ Shannon Fox to eat cake and talk about dying alone. Just kidding. In this special episode, Jade, Sarah and Shannon discuss the best things about being single, including how good it is not to date people who police what you put in your …

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Ep. 11 Who gets to keep the sex toys?

By Sarah Robinson on August 4, 2020

Sarah and Jade discuss the horror of being 21 in an Instagram world where everyone has the same face, then marvel at the emotional maturity of The Baby Sitters Club. Sarah talks about the power of deleting your ex from all of your shared accounts, as well as their mother.

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Ep. 10 Jade betrays Sarah

By Sarah Robinson on July 21, 2020

In this ep Sarah suffers for your heart ache while Jade adjusts some blinds and refuses to sit down. Sarah explains how to reclaim those activities you used to do with your ex, by doing them with someone way better and giving exposure therapy a go. She also talks about crying in public and happy …

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Ep. 9 How many raccoons can you fit in your butt?

By Sarah Robinson on July 7, 2020

In this episode Sarah and Jade discuss an upcoming butt party they are excited to be attending. Sarah talks about why your brain is wired to crave your ex like a crack head post break up. And offers a useful tip to help redirect those intense feelings. Jade answers a listener question about why exes …

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Ep. 8 What do I do if my Ex is Trash Talking Me?

By Sarah Robinson on June 22, 2020

This is our first episode as part of the Lipp Media Podcast Network! These legends champion podcasts by women and the LGBT+ community. They have some epic pods in their network that we love. Check them out here. What went down in ep. 8 Sarah and Jade are excited to be in the same room …

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