F*ck off and die - Crass comfort for anyone going through heartbreak.

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Fuck off & Die

Crass comfort for anyone going through heartbreak.

Break ups are hard but so are other penises

This book is here to help you, or your mate, through the fucked up first month of a break up.

It’s not meant to inspire you or elicit wild meditation regimes. Our only desire is to get you through that fucked up first month, and into the mother fucking light.

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Part proceeds from every book sold goes to a women’s refuge in Australia.

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About the authors

Sarah Robinson

Written by Sarah Robinson

Fuck off and die started as a book, which Sarah wrote after a heinously shitty breakup. Now there’s a podcast too. Sarah’s love language is sarcasm and Uber Eats. In her spare time, she enjoys beach frolicking, kayaking and writing about herself in the third person.

Jade Foo

Illustrated by Jade Foo

Jade is the artist and podcast co-host behind Fuck off and die. She loves salty water, working out and drawing. Once she drew Channing Tatum without a shirt, because this is what the Fuck off and die audience deserves.

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