F*ck off and die - A sh*tty guide to getting through the f*cked up first month of a break up.

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Fuck off & Die

Crass comfort for anyone going through heartbreak.

Break ups are hard but so are other penises

This book is here to help you, or your mate, through the fucked up first month of a break up.

It’s not meant to inspire you or elicit wild meditation regimes. Our only desire is to get you through that fucked up first month, and into the mother fucking light.

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Part proceeds from every book sold goes to a women’s refuge in Australia.

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About the authors

Sarah Robinson

Written by Sarah Robinson

Sarah’s a jerk from Margaret River who likes saying words like ‘cunt’ and ‘spenno’, and spending all her money on superfluous things like rings that make her look more like a pirate. She wishes her dad was Liam Neeson’s character from Taken, and if time travel were a possibility, would like to marry or copulate with Twin Peaks era Kyle MacLachlan. She also wrote this stupid book, and this bio, despite it being in 3rd person.

Jade Foo

Illustrated by Jade Foo

Jade’s bio is brought to you by the letter C, because she’s wildly into coffee, cake and cats, although she only puts the first two in her mouth. Drawing dogs is one of her fave things (and walking them, and patting them, and watching GIFs about them). Jade makes money illustrating things like chain-smoking women and dicks for silly projects like Fuck off and die. She also works on other great projects. See her cool work here.

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