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Plot Twist | Season 2 Finale (Finally)

By Sarah Robinson on December 15, 2021

Sarah and Jade weasel their way back into your hearts after spending far too long away with no explanation. The reason is really good though. They also talk through interesting stats relating to ghosting, and how to cope if it happens to you. (Spoiler alert: data says it probably will.)

Show notes

Study about ghosting

  • Survey of 1,521 people conducted in the US by BankMyCell in 2018.
  • Information below was taken from the study, which can be found here.

Definition: What does ghosting someone mean in dating?

  • Essentially, ghosting is a phrase used in the dating community when someone, without any prior warning, cuts off all communication.
  • You may be in a conversation, or have gone on a date or two with someone, then you find yourself sitting around waiting for next reply.
  • The person will dodge all of your calls and not get back to you at all, dismissively pulling the plug on the whole situation without warning.

Men vs Women Ghosting: Who are the culprits?

  • The survey has highlighted that even though many think ghosting is cruel and a form of emotional abuse, it turns out that most people are likely to be the ghost themselves no matter the gender.
  • Out of the millennial’s surveyed, 82% of women and 71% of men acknowledged that in this digital era ghosting is an everyday phenomenon, with 11% more men having the slight edge on never experiencing it.

Key Findings

  • 82% of women have experienced some form of ghosting on dating apps, compared with 71% of men surveyed
  • 50% of women that have ghosted someone, did it to avoid confrontation, compared with 38% of men surveyed
  • Over 1 in 4 men have ghosted people for not living up to their profile photos, compared with 1 in 6 women
  • 1 in 6 men are likely to ghost clingy or needy matches, compared with 1 in 10 women

Sarah’s Bit

  • Is ghosting ever okay?
  • Circle back to Season 1 Episode 1 to hear us unpack this in the past.

Jade’s Bit

Listener question

“I was listening to season 2 and you guys just disappeared. What’s up? Where are you gone? Are you coming back?”

  • Listen up for the answer!


Jade’s quote

“Whatever you do, never run back to what broke you.”
– Frank Ocean

Sarah’s quote

“Ghosting is the trash taking itself out.”
– Sarah quoting herself

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