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Ep. 18 Ten mins of crack

By Sarah Robinson on December 1, 2020

Sarah gives you 10 minutes of crack to help you through your break up. A short but powerful lil episode for anyone going through heartbreak right now. Jade is sick so lower your expectations and embrace Sarah’s crass comfort.

Also. A special announcement about a cool thing launching this Friday, and how to contribute to the next Fuck off and die book.

Show notes

  • A great Ted Talk by Guy Winch about How to Fix a Broken Heart.
  • More on how the brain reacts to a breakup:
    • Our brains appear to process relationship breakups in the same regions as physical pain. This doesn’t however, mean that romantic rejection causes actual physical pain.
    • Rather, your brain is signalling that both are important events to pay attention to. 
    • There may be an evolutionary reason for this. The function of pain is to alert the person to physical danger or harm so she can take protective action.
    • In the animal kingdom, one’s chances of avoiding predators are much higher as part of a group than alone, therefore social rejection may have been an actual threat to physical survival for our early ancestors.
    • If this is the case, it might partially explain how difficult it is for many people to let go of the ex-partner and move on.
    • Sourced from The Neuroscience of Relationship Breakups.

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