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10 gifts to buy yourself this Valentine’s Day

By Sarah Robinson on February 10, 2023

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by lavishing yourself with awesome gifts. Why? Because Valentine’s Day is an especially stupid day, which needs to be reclaimed. And the only way we can do this is to buy ourselves loads of cool stuff. Makes sense. Here’s the list.

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10 tips for surviving Valentine’s Day when you’re single

By Sarah Robinson on February 4, 2023

There are way too many lists telling couples how to do Valentine’s Day right. What about people brave enough to ride solo in a world that celebrates heteronormative romantic relationships? This blog is for you.

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Cool shit to buy yourself this Valentine’s Day

By Sarah Robinson on February 10, 2022

I don’t mind capitalism when it means buying things for myself, which is exactly what Valentine’s Day should be about this year – spending money on your gorgeous-ass self, because you’ll never ghost yourself or be in a ‘situationship’ with yourself or tell yourself you’re exclusive when you’re actually dating multiple people. Okay, here’s our …

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You deserve to take up space

By Sarah Robinson on January 13, 2022

When I was a teenager I would lay in bed at night and imagine what my life would be like if I was skinny. I knew deep in my bones, that if I could fit into the clothes at Dotti, my life would be okay. I would be popular and boys would vie for my …

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7 best movies and shows to watch when you’re heartbroken

By Sarah Robinson on December 14, 2021

When dealing with heartbreak, a bloody good TV show or movie can be the perfect respite. The trick is to avoid anything that focuses too hard on romance, or anything remotely melancholy. You’re already fucking sad. Now is not the time to watch World War II in Colour. So, we’ve picked some of the best …

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Free Game for you this Valentine’s day

By Sarah Robinson on February 13, 2021

We love you and think you deserve cool shit today, so we made you a game called Heartbreaks and Ladders. Here’s how it works…  Download the game here! Print it out. A4 and A3 both work well. Cut out your players. Find a dice (or use a virtual one!). Roll the fucking dice. Land on …

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What to buy yourself this Christmas (or whenever) – cause you made it through 2020

By Sarah Robinson on December 6, 2020

1. Millie Savage Ruby Heart Ring These wonderous finger blings are made to order, so you won’t get it before Christmas. Order anyway and stare at a screen shot whenever you’re in need of a holiday pick me up. Sitting at Christmas lunch surrounded by Aunty Sharon and Uncle What’s his face who want to …

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Tara Fox makes cool AF animation for FOD

By Sarah Robinson on November 5, 2020

We are beyond stoked to share this animation, created by the talented Tara Fox. Tara used elements from our book (arted by Jade Foo) to create this 30-second beast of a clip. Her vision was beyond what we could have imagined, and we are in love with what her crafty mind created. Highlights include: The …

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How to find a f***ing therapist in Australia for cheap

By Sarah Robinson on October 8, 2020

Therapists help you notice bull shit patterns in behaviour that no longer work for you. They create a space where you can work through these patterns, and be better than everyone else. So, how the f*** do you find a good one? If you live in Australia where healthcare exists, here’s how. 1. Book a …

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FOD joins the Lipp Media podcast network

By Sarah Robinson on September 15, 2020

We are beyond stoked to be part of the Lipp Media podcast fam bam! Lipp is home to podcasts by women and members of the LGBT+ community. They’re based in Melbourne, and headed by total legend and podcast extraordinaire, Dan Gregg. Our podcast is crass comfort for anyone going through heartbreak. It’s hosted by me …

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