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Tara Fox makes cool AF animation for FOD

By Sarah Robinson on November 5, 2020

We are beyond stoked to share this animation, created by the talented Tara Fox. Tara used elements from our book (arted by Jade Foo) to create this 30-second beast of a clip. Her vision was beyond what we could have imagined, and we are in love with what her crafty mind created.

Highlights include:

  • The TV that only shows dicks in varying levels of erectness.
  • Swirling toilet water drowning addicted-gamer boyfriend.
  • The you can do it montage that makes us feel like we can get through even the shittiest breakup and be stronger and more awesome than ever before.

But why would you read a stupid fucking list when you can watch it?

If you want to see more of Tara’s awesome work, we think you should follow her on Instagram. She also has a website you can visit here.

The crass song

This film is backed by our podcast theme song, which was written by Perth music prodigies Naomi Robinson and Josiah Padmanabham.

They won’t like me saying that, but I’m in charge of FOD’s WordPress so they’ll have to find me, beat me up and log into my account to amend my grand yet factually correct statement.

And we all know that’s far too much effort.

The crass lyrics

Fuck off and die I hope you have a shitty life.

Fuck off and die I hope that you contract pink eye.

Fuck off and die I hope you have really bad sex.

Fuck off and die I hope you never pay your HECS.

Fuck off and fuck off and fuck off and fuck off and diiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeee.

Strange brains unite

When we started Fuck off and die, it was just me and Jade.

Of course, me and Jade are really fucking great and cool, but having other people add their own mind power to what we make is one of our favourite things. Ever.

With this in mind, if you ever have an idea or would like to collaborate with us, please hit us up. Not hard though.

Here for you

The whole point of Fuck off and die is to let people going through heart break know they are not alone.

Breakups can feel really isolating, and sometimes people give you well-meaning advice that just makes you feel, well, even more alone.

We are here for you – through the shitty pain that feels like it will never go away. (It will though, so please keep going. One day, one minute, one second at a fucking time!)

Finally. If you are going through a breakup, it means that you have had the courage to put yourself out there and love someone. It means you have lived hard, and that makes you a bad ass.

It also means you have made the brave decision to let someone go, so you can both go into the world and live lives that are more aligned with who you are.

And if you were broken up with, walk forward with your head held high.

Don’t waste another moment of your time on someone who doesn’t want to be with you. Eventually (if you want this) you’ll find someone who appreciates you for the legend you are.

If you want more crass comfort, please listen to our Podcast by searching ‘F*ck off and die’ on Apple pods, Spotify, Acast or wherever you get your pods.

And watch our animation. FFS.

Love Sarah and Jade x

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