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Free Game for you this Valentine’s day

By Sarah Robinson on February 13, 2021

We love you and think you deserve cool shit today, so we made you a game called Heartbreaks and Ladders.

Here’s how it works…

  1.  Download the game here!
  2. Print it out. A4 and A3 both work well.
  3. Cut out your players.
  4. Find a dice (or use a virtual one!).
  5. Roll the fucking dice.
  6. Land on a ladder and ascend.
  7. Land on heartbreak and go sliding down (don’t worry, it’s not that bad!).

And if you want some more crass comfort on a day that celebrates materialism and our culture’s strange obsession with long term relationships, listen to our special V Day podcast.

Love Sarah and Jade x



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