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FOD makes STM Hot 100 for 2018

By Sarah Robinson on January 29, 2018

Yi! Never thought I’d ever be on a list, especially one focused primarily on hotness. Hot I am not. Silly and inappropriate, indeed. Cool dancing and hair accessories came before me, so I’ve been upping my cool dance moves in a bid to improve my hotness. You see, I’ve always been a high achiever. Actually, …

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A failed relationship does not mean you failed

By Sarah Robinson on January 20, 2018

I went to the wedding of a gorgeous friend recently. While filling the chasm between ‘I do’ and getting blind at the reception, someone congratulated someone else on being married for a shit load of time. What followed was an exchange of congratulations between people in long term relationships (LTRs). It went something like: ‘wow, you’ve …

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Find us in the Museum of broken relationships in LA

By Sarah Robinson on August 17, 2017

I am very excited to share that the legends at the Museum of Broken Relationships in LA now have Fuck off and die in their store. The Museum showcases artefacts from broken relationships all around the world. Right now, their flagship outpost in Zagreb (Croatia) is calling for contributions to their collection. If you’re interested in lending your …

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Convicts NY film story on Fuck off and die

By Sarah Robinson on

We are stoked AF that New York based story tellers Convicts have added Fuck off and die to their collection. If you fancy seeing me wander along a beach, staring into space and saying cunt a lot, have a gander. I was a bit worried about this, as I prefer dark rooms and not to appear in …

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Clawing my way out of the casual dick vortex

By Sarah Robinson on June 2, 2017

I love the idea of casual sex so much. I even tried it a handful of times, and in most instances, enjoyed it thoroughly. But around a day after the deed I felt like crap. I know this isn’t the case for every woman. In fact, I’m envious of those who can fuck a guy and walk away without feels. …

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Condoms aren’t my thing, but neither is chlamydia

By Sarah Robinson on May 9, 2017

When I was in a relationship I looked back on my dating days with a nauseating wistful nostalgia. I remembered getting dressed up, going to dinner, charming men with my witticisms (I’m not saying my memory was accurate), and wild, raucous sex. I didn’t remember wondering: If they were going to call (yep, I dated …

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My ex is on social! Can I murder him now?

By Sarah Robinson on April 18, 2017

Unless your ex actually fucks off and dies, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter him on social media. Or, if you’re like me and most other women I know, you’ll actively search for him in a wild trance, only to later ask yourself, ‘what exactly was I trying to achieve?’ Maybe something like: Oh, look at his shitty life, he …

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Thanks for coming legends

By Sarah Robinson on April 3, 2017

Thanks so much to everyone who came to the launch of Fuck off and die. I was pretty sure no one would show up, but you did, and I am amazed by that. Leaving the house at the best of times can be a fucked-up exercise, so the fact you did means the world. You …

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Don’t break up alone

By Sarah Robinson on March 20, 2017

When I first asked my ex to move out of our house, I did it alone. For the next few days I moped around in a huge purple dressing gown that made me look like a Telly Tubby. I didn’t tell anyone what had happened, and it didn’t even occur to me to do so. …

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Come to a shitty party with me please

By Sarah Robinson on March 14, 2017

Oh hey there! Doing much Thursday 30 March between 5 and 7pm? Wanna be my date? It’s okay, I promise I won’t write a book about you. We can hold hands and look deeply into each other’s eyes and discuss whether or not the world is too overpopulated for us to have our own super …

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