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12 awesome gifts to buy your friend for Christmas (or whenever the f*ck you want)

By Sarah Robinson on December 19, 2019

Why the fuck are you putting out a gift guide five days before Christmas? Because we don’t care and it’s my life, it’s now or never (insert Bon Jovi lyrics). Also. I’ve never said, ‘oh this present is great but I’d prefer it on Christmas day’. Case settled. So, Jade and I (specifically Jade, she …

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A blog where I diss couples to make you feel better this Christmas

By Sarah Robinson on December 17, 2019

Going through a breakup over the holidays is a pain I would not even wish on the cast of Real Housewives of Melbourne. But, Facebook digital statistics say more people break up over the holidays than any other time. (Specifically, on December 11.) That means if you’re going through a breakup right now, you’re not alone, because, …

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Like a wedding photo booth, but not sh*t

By Sarah Robinson on November 4, 2019

What is it? Earlier this year Jade and I launched the Fuck off and die photo booth, which is like a wedding photo booth, but not shit. We set up our Fuck off and die (FOD) photo booth to raise money for women escaping domestic violence, and because it feels good to say fuck off …

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Your exes as scary Halloween monsters

By Sarah Robinson on October 30, 2019

Zombie This dickhead rises from the dead around the same time you start feeling good. Zombie dude wants all the perks of a girlfriend without having to do anything. Fuck zombie guy (actually don’t). #hey #hey #heeeeeeeeey Vampire The crucifix of the matter is, this blood-sucking creature gets his power from draining yours. His inflated …

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Why we should celebrate divorce like Shannon Fox

By Sarah Robinson on July 9, 2019

This Friday at the Aardvark, bitchin’ babe Shannon Fox is celebrating her divorce – with a bunch of bands, a recorder choir, a pimpin’ pussy photo booth and other surprises best loved IRL. Shannon is a beach bum, a book worm and really likes the dance machine at Time Zone. In the night-time she moonlights …

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Dealing with couples on social media who make you want to vomit this Christmas

By Sarah Robinson on December 14, 2018

Seeing loved up couples on social media makes me want to vomit at the best of times. During Christmas, when you’re fresh out of a break up, it’s a new level of fucked. Okay. I am perfectly aware that sharing photos of oneself being happy is not a crime against humanity. I know people can …

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Why I fucked off to Margaret River after my break up

By Sarah Robinson on November 27, 2018

Turns out my calling in life is to interview myself. So, for the final instalment of the ‘fucking off after a break up’ series, I interviewed myself about breaking up, fucking off to Margaret River and dealing with the shittiness of betrayal. Here goes. FOD: Have you ever been through a shitty break up? (Okay, …

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Why fucking off to bed is okay

By Sarah Robinson on November 21, 2018

I interviewed Fuck off and die illustrator and Creature & Cub maker Jade Foo, about where she fucks off to after a break up. Jade illustrates pets for a living, teaches young people with a zest for life how to be designers, and is my personal hero when it comes to embracing boundaries in relationships. …

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Why you should fuck off on a holiday after a breakup

By Sarah Robinson on November 13, 2018

Ever fucked off somewhere after a break up? Over the next few weeks, I’m interviewing women who left their lives to adventure, well, anywhere. Yep, leaving town can actually be good* for you after a break up – whether it’s a few days, a few months or a sea change that allows you to reinvent …

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Would you ditch dating for a year? Meet the badass who did

By Sarah Robinson on September 26, 2018

After being fucked around by a bunch of shitty dudes, Kate McAvoy of 1 Year of Single gave them up. Yep, no dating for 12 months. In the midst of being dude-free, the New York local started an Insta account, which shares her poignant, cheeky and always honest thoughts on relationships, and of course, living an …

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