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Fuck Off & Die


A shitty guide to getting through the fucked up first month of a break up.

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This book is for any woman going through a break up right now. If you’re feeling like shit, that’s because the pain of a break up can be just as bad as the death of a loved one. (Science says so.)

It’s filled with easy activities to make you (or your mate) feel instantly better. So you can get through that awful first month after a break up and into the mother fucking light.

Every page can be ripped out and taken with you – a bit of crack to help you through this shitty time.

Oh, and you’ll get a book of matches, so you can set it on fire when you don’t need the help anymore. (And ’cause burning shit feels good.)

Buy it and I’ll send it to you ASAP, with all the good vibes I can muster.

You’re not alone. x

* Part proceeds go to a women’s shelter in Western Australia.
* Illustrated by the amazing Jade Foo.

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