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Ep. 9 How many raccoons can you fit in your butt?

By Sarah Robinson on July 7, 2020

In this episode Sarah and Jade discuss an upcoming butt party they are excited to be attending. Sarah talks about why your brain is wired to crave your ex like a crack head post break up. And offers a useful tip to help redirect those intense feelings.

Jade answers a listener question about why exes like to get back in touch with you. It turns out to be a lot less sinister than everyone suspects. Yep exes are human beings like the rest of us (unless they’re a sociopath). At the end, the pair share quotes because other people always say it better.

Show Notes

Raccoons and your butt

  • The human rectum can stretch up to 9 inches without tearing. A raccoon can fit through holes that are 6 inches or wider.
  • So technically a raccoon could fit up your butt.
  • This dubious ‘fact’ was found on Reddit.

Why you have cravings for your ex

  • When participants in a study viewed photos of their exes, brain scans indicated activity in regions of the brain associated with the reward or motivation system, which communicates through the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine.
  • Dopamine is involved in both drug addiction and the early, obsessive stages of love. This is why people who have been rejected may feel cravings for their ex, similar to how addicts crave a drug or people who are newly in love crave their loved one’s presence.
  • Read the full study titled Reward, Addiction, and Emotion Regulation Systems Associated With Rejection in Love by Helen E. Fisher and Lucy L. Brown here.

Listener Question

  • If you can, try not to search for your ex on social media.
  • Here is some help with this seemingly impossible task.


“It’s a lot easier to be miserable than uncertain”
Abbey Gib TEDx

“Whenever you’re having a really bad day, just remember that some poor bastard is meeting your cunt of an ex and thinking that they’ve found someone really special.”

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