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Ep. 7 Explosion of Semen Everywhere

By Sarah Robinson on May 2, 2020

In this ep Sarah talks about being in a dark place and trying to find a silver lining amidst all the COVID BS. She tells listeners to do the same, then wonders if the whole activity is patronising. In between Jade and Sarah put on lipstick to look like glam whores.

Jade answers a listener question about how to date in ISO. She delves into the importance of staying safe and heeding the wisdom of pod-God Dan Savage. Sarah talks about not having sex with an ex in the sand dunes and doing kinky shit with a German Dom online.

This episode is a bit dated ‘cause state regulations have changed now, but whatever.

Show Notes

  • Sarah thinks some things are better in iso and takes 4 hours to make a coffee.
  • Jade buys Fat Boi Brownies for our web genius MoMo.

Listener Questions

“Dear Jade & Sarah, I have been connecting with my Hinge buddy really well, and was about to go on a date. And then suddenly COVID-19 hit. Should I still meet up physically?” 

“What does it mean to look for a relationship now? Can it really be done in just text and chat? How important is physical contact in initial dating?”

  • Podcast legend Dan Savage has great advice on keeping safe while dating during COVID-19. (We also nominate him for Queen of the Universe.)
  • Bumble and Tinder both recommend people don’t meet up in person at the moment.
  • Our blog on dating as a highly sensitive person. 
  • Go on a virtual date at The Met Museum or check out these museum and art gallery recommendations from The Guardian.
  • KinkD is an app for members of the kink community. You can select your kinks and find other people who align with what you desire.


I love you. Breathe. I am here, and I always will be.”

– Sarah’s diary to her inner child

“Please take care of yourselves, take care of the people around you, and wash your damn hands.”

– Dan Savage (Savage Love) 

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