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Ep. 6 People in Happy Relationships can get Fucked

By Sarah Robinson on May 1, 2020

In this episode Sarah discusses sexting a 23 year old interested in older women and shares an activity to make you feel better in iso. She also tells people in healthy, loving relationships to get fucked.

Jade answers a listener question about coping with isolation when most of your friends are partnered. Sarah suggests getting new friends, but Jade has some actual good ideas. This is another episode in our series on ‘breaking up with your life’, thanks to COVID-19.

Show notes

CURATE YOUR SOCIALS YO, how to be single in iso. Where we talk about Instagram forever.

Artists we love to follow (and you should too!)

Good bois living better lives than all of us…

Hot guys

Nominations for Queen of the Universe


“Don’t forget to wash your hands and block your ex.”
– Violet Clair

“If you want bread, have some bread. It’s a global crisis, frankly do whatever makes this easier: wank, eat, sleep, repeat. We don’t need to come out of this thin, we need to come out of this alive. That’s our only job. Stay safe. Be gentle with yourself. Love you.”
– Jameela Jamil

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