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Why fucking off to bed is okay

By Sarah Robinson on November 21, 2018

I interviewed Fuck off and die illustrator and Creature & Cub maker Jade Foo, about where she fucks off to after a break up.

Jade illustrates pets for a living, teaches young people with a zest for life how to be designers, and is my personal hero when it comes to embracing boundaries in relationships.

If I was open to going down on women I’d probably try and make her my wife. (Hypothetically I’d also need consent.)

Here’s what Jade told me about fucking off and breaking up.

FOD: Have you ever been through a shitty break up? (Okay, sorry, is there any other kind?)

Jade: Yes. It crushed me to watch the love of my life walk away, and with him all of my future plans and goals. It took a long time for me to get my shit back together and start over.

FOD: What are your thoughts on fucking off to a new place after a break up? Have you ever done it?

Jade: My gut response to a breakup is to burn down my life and start again. For this reason I’ve moved back and forth between Perth and Melbourne several times.

I find it refreshing to be in a new environment and break old patterns of thoughts and behaviour. It also helps to be 3,000km away from your ex so you don’t have to worry about the possibility of running into them.

FOD: Where would be your ideal place to fuck off to?

Jade: Bed. Some days I just don’t want to deal with the outside world. I will just sleep all day if I need to rest and recharge. It’s my ultimate indulgence.

FOD: What helps you when you’re dealing with a break up?

Jade: Crying it out. I have amazing friends that have been infinitely patient in letting me talk through my feelings with them. They reinforce my sense of self when I’m feeling uncertain and broken.

FOD: Do you have any advice for people going through that shit right now?

Jade: Call your friends and tell them how you feel and how they can help.

It can also be really helpful to talk it out with a counsellor or other mental health professional who is trained to provide support at difficult times, and can help you to process your feelings and set new goals for your future.

FOD: Yes! Because it’s easy to forget you do have a future.

For more of Jade, Jade’s art, Jade’s adorable mutt Humfrey and her indestructible cat Angus, go to her Insta page @creatureandcub. You can also check out her design work here.

Next week, I interview myself about where I’d fuck off to post break up. 

Illustrations by Jade Foo.

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