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FOD makes STM Hot 100 for 2018

By Sarah Robinson on January 29, 2018

Yi! Never thought I’d ever be on a list, especially one focused primarily on hotness. Hot I am not. Silly and inappropriate, indeed. Cool dancing and hair accessories came before me, so I’ve been upping my cool dance moves in a bid to improve my hotness. You see, I’ve always been a high achiever.

Actually, I was the kid that got A for effort, and B or C for their actual grade. Which to me was a real slap in the face. The teacher was essentially saying, ‘Sarah, you try as hard as you can, but you’re not going to get any better’.

Well, screw you Mrs Gadsdon, who needs the supply demand curve anyway. 

Sex stuff and my dad

On another note, the Sunday Times Magazine blurb talks about the book I am writing, which includes stories about this guy who made me a fucking machine (yep, it had a huge dildo on the end and he stood over me making sure it worked safely before joining in), and also that time I had an online relationship with a German dom.

Anyway, my dad was really proud of me for being in a print magazine, because he is over 45, and thinks print is way cooler than online. Also, because he is my dad. He hasn’t said anything about the sex stuff, so I guess it will just continue to be the gnarly elephant in the room. How does an elephant even fit in a room? What the trunk?

Also. Thanks to Fleur Bainger from STM for noticing me. And to Erin Molloy from Emergence Creative Festival, for noticing me too.

Here’s a video I made about being on the list. It’s very silly.

Love Sarah x



i somehow got in the The Sunday Times Magazine hot 100 list, because of fuck off and die, and it went to my head immediately. but srsly. i never thought i’d ever be on a list that did not involve debt collecting, let alone a list of hot things, so i’m secretly stoked.i mean obviously. i’m telling all you cunts and making videos about it. i also messaged a bunch of my exes and told them, which i know is lame. but sometimes you just have to have no shame.thanks erin from Emergence Creative for the ongoing ❤️ and bad ass @fleurbainger for her bad assery 🔪☠️

Posted by FOD on Tuesday, 23 January 2018




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