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Find us in the Museum of broken relationships in LA

By Sarah Robinson on August 17, 2017

I am very excited to share that the legends at the Museum of Broken Relationships in LA now have Fuck off and die in their store.

The Museum showcases artefacts from broken relationships all around the world. Right now, their flagship outpost in Zagreb (Croatia) is calling for contributions to their collection.

If you’re interested in lending your story to this communal emotional history then head to this link.

I truly believe that telling your story, whether it is to trusted friends or even written in the privacy of a journal, is such an important part of the healing process.

The Fuck off and die Facebook page and community is about making sure women and men know they are not alone through their break up.

That’s so often how we feel during this time, as the person we used to lean on for emotional support is no longer in our lives.

This is why I am in love with the Museum of Broken Relationships. By sharing other people’s stories, projects like this make us feel less alone.

It’s also why I am so excited to have Fuck off and die in their LA store.

Big thanks to my beautiful friends Rikki and Dan for being my cheer leaders and telling the LA Director about my little book. I am very lucky to be surrounded by amazing people in my life.

If you’re going through a break up, no matter how alone you may feel, reach out to at least one person in your life.

It’s often the people you least expect who are there for you in your time of need. If you have a feeling about someone, and you want to talk to them, send them a message.

In most cases, they will feel honoured to hear from you.

Don’t do it alone. Read other people’s stories, connect with people who nourish your soul and above all, be gentle on yourself.

Love Sarah x

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